Below is a video that shows you exactly where to go to get your Marriage License in the City of Sarasota.

Any clerk's office in Florida can provide you with a valid marriage license...the license need only be returned to the same place it was obtained. All the rules and time saving tips within this video apply in all Florida Clerk locations.

Obtaining Your Marriage License

To get a Marriage License you will both need to be present and produce a valid drivers license from your state or a Passport from your country

You need only to list the date(s) of any previous divorces …no papers of proof are required.

You will pay in cash or via personal check…no credit cards are accepted. Currently $93.50 as of June 2017

You can get your Marriage License in any Clerk’s Office within the State of Florida- and needs to be returned to same.

Marriage License can be purchased up to 60 days in advance Marriage License must be returned within 10 business days after your officiant executes the document with his stamp… this proves you were actually and officially married.

Documenting Your Marriage License

If you do not return the document….your marriage will not be recorded, therefore…officially you would not be married.

If you do not return the document within a reasonable period of time…you will most likely need to pay for it again and I will need to stamp it for you as well.

Initial Purchase of Marriage license to returning it executed to the Clerks office…the whole process is at max 70 days.

If you don’t want to be married on paper…I’m happy to perform your wedding without documenting it. Many people have had a wedding ceremony just so their parents will leave them alone! Re-commitment ceremonies do not require a marriage license.

Waiting Period and Notary Powers

If you both live out of The State of Florida, you can get married immediately.

If either of you are from Florida, there is a three day waiting period after you obtain your license and before I can marry you.

I am not authorized to stamp a marriage license from any other state or any place other than within Florida. For example…I can not validly stamp a marriage license from Ohio.

If you are from another country, or another state…..and having a marriage license that says “Florida” is not your primary focus; Consider a justice of the peace style wedding at home in advance of your wedding ceremony here. It will eliminate all efforts of transferring and recording of documents as you will arrive in Florida already married. Your guests will never know!

"Family Law Handbook" - Required Reading

In every case…You are supposed to read the “Family Law Handbook” online before obtaining your Marriage License and definitely before getting married. It’s a pamphlet, perhaps a 10 minute read…if you’re a slow reader.

The State of Florida assumes that if you live within it’s borders, you are a complete idiot and because you are so “sun stupid,” the law requires you to take an extra three days to study the financial obligations that you are signing up for by marriage. Beyond that, the document also focuses on teaching you the pathway to obtain a divorce.

They won’t give you a hard copy of the “Family Law Handbook” because it costs 13 cents to print it- In my opinion it’s actually worth less than that!!

Be prepared to tell them “you already read it online”- It will save you a half an hour of sitting in their office while being forced to read this document that only takes a few minutes to peruse. People behind the desk love to instill their inherent power to delay your day. Remember, just saying …..“ I read it online”- It will save you 30 minutes!

Advice from your Officiant; If you have any real concerns about your money, stuff and things, go talk to a lawyer before you get married. You can see the “Family Law Handbook” on the Clerks website.

Returning Your Marriage License & Obtaining Your Documentation

You may return your stamped and executed Marriage License on your own, or if obtained locally, I will return it for you. Be sure to get enough “original” copies to enable you to later change your name on legal documents…drivers license, deeds, passport etc… copies are $3 each. If you return the document yourself you can obtain copies in person. If I return your Marriage License, copies will become an extra step to handle later through the mail.